First Aid kit for Bearded Dragons

A great friend of mine asked me a while ago, if I would put a first Aid kit together for her and her dragon, and since I keep a kit myself, being so far from the nearest vet, I though it would make a great page for my website, and for all you beardie lovers, who like, me, have a long way to go to get to a vet if needed. Thanks for the great idea Carol :)

1) Latex, or non latex gloves, for treating a wound, to protect, you, and the dragon.

2) Sterile cotton swabs

3) Sterile gauze. (deep wounds) or liquid bandage which has antiseptic which will keep the wound from debris and preventing infection, but with liquid bandage, you must leave it on until the area sheds it off. Pulling it off yourself may damage new scales.

4) first aid tape

5) sterilized scissors

6) Sterilized tweezers

7) Polysporin, or Neosporin, which will prevent infection of a cut, but it must be the cream kind only. The oil kind will just seal the wound leaving no room to breath, and will not heal.

8) Betadine solution, prevents infection also of a cut or wound, but should be diluted with water.

9) Panacur ( a dewormer if you suspect paracites and cannot get to a vet. Has a 1 year shelf life and if ordered through this site, it is not harsh on the system as some vet meds...NOTE: Panacur does NOT treat all paracites so a fecal exam is always the best option before offering meds.

10) Critical care ( for sick or lethargic reptiles for nutrition.

11) Bee pollen, ground or capsules. A pinch will greatly help boost the immune system for sick or lethargic reptiles.

12) Pedialyte. Great for restoring electroyltes for dehydrated dragons. However, it does loose its strength after 48 hours once it is opened. However, if you pour it into ice cube trays and freeze, it will be ok. Just take one out and thaw as needed. warm to room temps.

113) Acidpohiliz + great digestive tract cleaner

14) Hand sanitizer of course! :)

You just never know when you may need any of these things

Nancy McBride.

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Karrieann | Reply 05.06.2017 23.00

HELP!! New beardie mom. I gave him a bath and he slipped his head under water for like 5 seconds. Now he's acting weird. Did I hurt him. He's barley moving.

megan | Reply 24.05.2016 22.37

Okay so I got two beardys two days ago from some weird People the female is beautiful and in great heath the male is boney his eyes were crusted shut he was skinny.... I freaked.... And I know when u have animals u should expect to have money to take them

megan | Reply 24.05.2016 00.31

Hello I was just wondering if you had some time to give me some advice on a bearedy I just rescued?

Nancy 24.05.2016 08.02

Sure, send me an email with any questions you may have

Loree weber | Reply 05.05.2016 22.56

Bearded dragon ate a penny, what can I do

Nancy 06.05.2016 07.31

You will need to get him/her to a vet asap.

please help ASAP !! | Reply 19.07.2014 20.16

Where can you find Betadine in Canada or is there something similar please I need something ASAP

Nancy 22.07.2014 18.38

You should be able to get Betadine at any local drug store near you. Don't forget to dilute it. Add water until it looks similar to a weak tea color.

Tika | Reply 05.09.2013 15.27

Crickets ate my lizards eyes and he is blind but still alive. What can I put on the sores on his eyes?

Nancy McBride 05.09.2013 20.51

Oh no! Never leave crickets in a reptiles enclosure. Please get him/her to a vet asap for pain meds and antibiotics. If infection sets in he/she will surely die

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29.11 | 14:48

Just saw earlier post about GSE. Question answered. Thank you so much for all the information on supplements to help dragon w/adenovirus. Yvonne

29.11 | 14:41

You mention both grapefruit seed extract and grape extract. They are two different things. Am I right to assume you mean grapefruit seed extract? Thank you.

31.10 | 15:30

My Beardie just got diagnosed with Adenovirus. I was wondering how much fluid he needs to be given extra a day, and anyone having tried Reptaid for that virus?

05.10 | 10:29

When you say pollen, do you mean honey?

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