What else do I keep?

Otis, my male Chinese water dragon

Otis is a very big, and friendly boy :)

When they were young, they would hang out in my plants :0

Otis, Olivia, and Jemma at bed time (RIP Jemma)

Soaking in the pool

Olivia just loves Spike :)

The Water Dragon's lair

Loki, the green Iggy

The home of Loki

Lilly, my Blue tongue skink, and such a friendly girl!

Crested Geckos (breeding pair)

Baby Crested gecko hatching

Baby crestie just after hatching

Mamma crestie getting her exercise

Curly tail lizards

Male curly tail

Baby curly tail just hatched :)

Leopard Gecko

More Leopard Geckos

Niga, my Honduran milk snake

Jack, the corn snake

Ziggy the corn snake

Lunch time for Zippy!

Is it lunch time yet?

Bob, the Bibron Gecko

Baby Water dragon Hatching :)

Of course my favorite....The Bearded Dragons :-)




Much, much more!

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janey | Reply 28.08.2014 12.20

I think it's amazing that you have this many animals. You must really have your hands full with many animals and i give you credit for that.

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21.06 | 05:16

You will need to get him antibiotics from a vet. An infection will not go away on it's own, and will continue to get worst if left untreated.

19.06 | 14:27

What can someone do for ear infection

02.05 | 10:23

Happy birthday little buddy. Is he still free of the vruis?
I'm having my sweet rescue girl tested for it, whom was ok for the first three years. :c

15.04 | 11:26

Can I give the pollen to a baby dragon? Is it good to put grape seed extract to his swollen nose? His nose is swallen from one side

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