How to breed Dubia roaches

My roach bin

Hot side

cool side...A few breeders

The end result of having a few breeders

I now have 3 colonies going!

Giving live birth

Breeding Dubia roaches is quite easy to do, one you have given them proper temps and humidity, they do all the work, and before you know it, you will have hundreds of little babies. They do give live birth, as many as 20-30 babies at a time. It is actually quite amazing to watch, if you are lucky enough to witness this

Dubia roaches have a very soft exoskeleton making them an excellent feeder for Bearded Dragons, as well as other reptiles as well. My Leopard Geckos really love them

Once they become an adult, it is very easy to sex them. The males will have full long wings, while the females will have very short stubby wings. It is best to keep 3 females for every 1 male for breeding, this way once a male is done breeding the female, he will move on to another female, and not battle with other males.

It is best to keep them in a Rubbermaid type plastic bin or even a tall plastic garbage can. They cannot fly, and cannot climb plastic, but they have been known to climb the silicone sides of glass tanks. I learnt this the the hard way when I first started breeding them If you are still nervous they will escape, what you can do is add a strip of oil, or vaseline all the way around the top of the bin. This will ensure there will be no escapes.

For their breeding box, keep lots of egg cartons on the warm side of the breeding bin, standing vertically, this will allow all debris to fall to the bottom. Do not use any substrate, it will make the bin much harder to clean, and the babies will hide in the substrate making them much harder to find.

Unlike crickets, Dubia roaches are quiet, and do not smell. Once per month for cleaning what I do is just sweep out all the debris on one side, move all the egg cartons then to this side, and sweep the opposite side. Once the cleaning is done I move the egg cartons back to the warm side again. Pretty simple right? Just make sure no little ones are hiding in the debris.

What do they eat you ask? Well they should be fed a high protein diet, such as dry ground cat food, whole grain cereal, fish flake food, etc. I also add a little vitimans to this mix as well. For drinking you can add feeder water gel, (no calcium added), carrot, apple slices, potato slices, etc. They will eat just about anything, but make sure you add vegies for moisture instead of water to prevent drowning. I place the dry food in one corner of the bin, and the gels in the opposite corner, on the cool end of the bin, otherwise the food will mold and can kill your whole colony.

I keep the temps for my breeders around 95f, using a heating pad on a dimmer switch to prevent it from getting to hot taking up half the bin, so they have a cool end also, especially where the food is placed. Dubia roaches also need some humidity. If they do not have enough humidity, they will die while trying to molt. Some people mist the roach bin once a week or so, but I have never had to mist. What I do is take a small empty container, any plastic container will do, and I fill it with water, poke tiny holes in the top lid ,and place it on the warm side. This works very well. I often see them sitting on top of this container while molting, and the holes are so tiny, that they cannot accidently fall in and drown.

Now that your breeding bin is set up, all you do not is wait. You will see a tube, (the egg sac) sticking out from the roaches belly, this is where she keeps her babies. First when the babies are born, they will be very tiny, and all while in color, and for those of you wondering, yes, they can all live peacefully together, all sizes. I recommend letting your colony expand before feeding off to many, but you can feed off some of the males if you find there are alot more than females.

Nothing to it right?  It is pretty simple, it just requires a little time once the breeding box has been set up correctly. Have patience, the babies will come

Good luck with your Dubia roaches, and happy breeding!

Nancy McBride

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Dan | Reply 09.10.2016 19.51

What do you do with the Roach debris after you clean your tank?

Erin | Reply 26.02.2015 11.42

The heating pad doesn't melt the plastic tub?

Sandra Drescher | Reply 19.02.2015 11.22

Thank you for your easy explaination!!!!

erik | Reply 01.08.2014 22.40

Do they need water source like gel or water or is cucumber and carrots okay?

deryl | Reply 22.05.2013 12.58

Can you please kind an email me the stuff needed to start breeding
Dubia roaches thank you.

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