Why I breed Bearded Dragons

Some of my last clutch

It all started over 8 years ago, while I was visiting a pet store and a very young bearded dragon caught my eye. It was my Spike, all stained red from horrid calcium sand, but otherwise looked to be a healthy boy. It was love at first site. So he came home with me that day 6 years later, I now have 13 dragons, Spike included, two Chinese water Dragons, a Blue tongue skink, all sorts of species of Geckos, corn snakes, and more. About 2 years ago I decided to try breeding the bearded dragons after many long hours and days of research, and talking with experts, so I would be ready to give them everything they need. The love for those little babies drew me in deeper each time they would hatch, and I will bet, now you know why I have 13 beardies...So far  It is my passion, raising and caring for them and finding wonderful loving homes for them. Although letting them go can be pretty tough

I am located in Manitoba Canada, and within the next year or so, I plan on expanding my little private home business, and opening my own reptile shop, where I will truely be in heaven, and would make my dreams become reality. I have to admit, the bearded dragon is my favorite of all reptiles, due to their sweet loving nature, and their love for human contact. It is truely amazing to have such a sweet little critter to snuggle up with you, and sleep, or just to be in your arms enjoying eachothers company.

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Yvonne | Reply 31.10.2018 15.30

My Beardie just got diagnosed with Adenovirus. I was wondering how much fluid he needs to be given extra a day, and anyone having tried Reptaid for that virus?

Darby Obman | Reply 10.02.2017 09.17

I love your passion for bearded dragons.
What is the horrid calcium sand you wrote about?
Thank you, Darby Obman

Corrine | Reply 11.12.2016 18.40

Do u have any lil ones for sale?

Nancy 12.12.2016 05.56

No. My dragons are all Brumating for the winter now.

Leslie Cox | Reply 18.07.2015 19.15

Can you please email me? I think I'm losing my beardie, already been to the vet.

Sandra Drescher | Reply 15.02.2015 10.30

The babies are what got to me!!! They are so curious, cute, funny and trusting.
I also have a hard time letting them go! They are now my family.

cheryl | Reply 29.09.2014 11.13

I feel the same way, I fell in love with the one that caught my attention at Petco, now My Peppa is 18mos, and I adore her

Gena Murray | Reply 17.08.2014 20.28

Nancy: You have a beautiful website very informative. I wish you well with all your little buddies. You are very special to do what you do. Keep it up.

Dave H | Reply 26.06.2013 14.19

Great site Nancy

maureen davison | Reply 08.08.2012 19.17

like yourself nancy i started with 2 ,9yrs ago and i now have 16 ,plus corn snakes boas and a royal ,2 cats+2 dogs love themj all
but my favorite is my beardies

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21.06 | 05:16

You will need to get him antibiotics from a vet. An infection will not go away on it's own, and will continue to get worst if left untreated.

19.06 | 14:27

What can someone do for ear infection

02.05 | 10:23

Happy birthday little buddy. Is he still free of the vruis?
I'm having my sweet rescue girl tested for it, whom was ok for the first three years. :c

15.04 | 11:26

Can I give the pollen to a baby dragon? Is it good to put grape seed extract to his swollen nose? His nose is swallen from one side

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