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Welcome to Northern Dragons. My goal is to help new beardie owners give them everything they require to stay happy and healthy for many years to come. I have made this site as simple as possible, so new beardie parents can understand easily, how to properly care for these fun loving creatures. Check out my care sheet, and feel free to contact me through my "contact page" for any and all questions you may have :)

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Julie | Reply 29.07.2018 11.42

Hi. I took my bearded dragon to the vet twice in the last week and a half. He has a URI but is having a hard time opening his eyes. He's on antibiotics.Help

Will | Reply 14.01.2018 10.12

I have a baby beardie that is receiving proper lighting and proper diet but has but now is acting strange. Need help

deborah | Reply 05.02.2017 13.32

what do i do about bloody stools? can this be treated at home or do i need to take my beardie to the vet?

Nancy 06.02.2017 10.08

I would take the dragon to the vet as soon as possible. It could be a parasite infection, or something even more serious.

jay | Reply 08.04.2016 04.32

Hi i live in northern alberta n my beardie is layin her eggs all the info on net is different what do u suggest i do for the climate i live in any info

ktee | Reply 19.03.2016 10.12

I understand you are not able to export to US at this time. Do you know of any breeders testing in US? Thanks

Dragon | Reply 18.02.2016 13.03

Please disable the cricket/night sound on the website. Autoplaying sound is infamous as one of the top most annoying things a site can have.

david | Reply 03.11.2015 09.41

hello i am a new beard owner and my beard is doing very stinky and loose stool he also has stress marks if i take him out if his enclosure the marks go away.

David gonzalez 24.11.2015 14.27

Is darker and hes been like gagging and puffing his beard what can this be? Please lmk asap i am very worried

David gonzalez 24.11.2015 14.27

Hello once again, i took my beardie to vet he had parasites but yesterday he finished shedding his bidy and today hes doing hs head but i noticed that his color

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29.11 | 14:48

Just saw earlier post about GSE. Question answered. Thank you so much for all the information on supplements to help dragon w/adenovirus. Yvonne

29.11 | 14:41

You mention both grapefruit seed extract and grape extract. They are two different things. Am I right to assume you mean grapefruit seed extract? Thank you.

31.10 | 15:30

My Beardie just got diagnosed with Adenovirus. I was wondering how much fluid he needs to be given extra a day, and anyone having tried Reptaid for that virus?

05.10 | 10:29

When you say pollen, do you mean honey?

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